Since 1897

"Praising God For 122 Years"
The Tremont Temple Missionary Baptist Church was organized under the leadership of the late Reverend S.A. McNeal on January 10, 1897 in the Odd Fellow’s Hall on Cotton Avenue with 331 communicants in the face of a divided spirit in our Mother Church, the First Baptist Church. The following brethrens were endorsed as officers: N. McWorther, Martin Smith, R.W. Lamar, H. Eatonton and A.F. Allen as Deacons: J.H. McBride, D.A. Burgay, Sr., and R.W. Miller as Trustees.
The Sunday School was organized the third Sunday in January, 1897 with 128 members. Later in 1897, the Reverend Dr. W.R. Forbes, at that time, Pastor of the Metropolitan Baptist Church, Columbus, GA was called as the Church’s first Pastor. The membership being without money and a church to worship in made plans to purchase an old dwelling house on Cotton Avenue for $3,500. Their plan was successfully carried out and the congregation worshiped and praised God at that Cotton Avenue location.
Under the leadership of Dr. Forbes, the edifice erected at the 860 Cotton Avenue (now Forsyth Street) was built at the cost of $25,000 and in April 1900, the cornerstone of the building was laid. The mortgage was burned following a fall financial rally in 1925.
Dr. Forbes added more than 1,000 members to the church during his pastorate. His most successful revival saw 75 souls won to Christ. These persons were baptized and dedicated themselves to the work of the Lord. Dr. Forbes passed on December 6, 1926.
The Tremont Temple Missionary Baptist Church has been blessed to have outstanding persons to serve as Pastors. In the more than 110 years of the church’s existence, the church has had only twelve Pastors. These men have been some of the greatest preachers, pastors and civic leaders of our country. Those who have served as Pastor are:
  • The Reverend Dr. W.R. Forbes, 1897 – 1926
  • The Reverend Levi Maurice Terrill, 1928 – 1935
  • The Reverend O.M. Collins, 1936 – 1940
  • The Reverend G. Johnson Hubert, 1941 – 1945
  • The Reverend Levi M. Moore, 1946 – 1949
  • The Reverend J.A. Holston, 1949 – 1956
  • The Reverend W.M. Quarterman, 1957 – 1958
  • The Reverend Elisha B. Paschal, Jr., 1958 – 1962
  • The Reverend John Alexander, Jr., 1963 – 1965
  • The Reverend Alvin L. Hudson, 1965 – 1989
  • The Reverend Michael D. Billingsley, 1991 – 1997
  • Dr. James Louis Bumpus, 1998 – 2012
  • The Reverend Camile Holmes, 2013 - 2018
  • The Reverend Marshall Mabry III, 2018 - Present

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